Persistence vs. Pestering

At PEPS, we know we can’t do the Luncheon by ourselves. Our goal is to raise one quarter of our annual budget at the Luncheon and we asked you to help us. And you said ‘yes’!

Asking your friends and family to come to a fundraiser is challenging. You risked hearing “No, not this time” or “I’d love to, but…” or no response at all, leaving you hanging.

Many table captains worry and think “I don’t want to pester my friends.”

But think of it another way: You are NOT pestering your friends, you are giving them an opportunity to give back to what’s hopefully supported them, or to what has been/was critical and meaningful to you.

We’d like to encourage you to be persistent – which is different than pestering. Persistence means: sending an invitation, following up, following up again with a call (or voice message).

Yes, that’s three steps, not just one. Why? Because everyone is busy, especially parents of younger children.

Think about it: if this was your birthday party – you would expect your guests to let you know if they can come and join you!

Your persistence will pay off – you will have a registered table full of guests ready to support PEPS and PEPS will be able to plan for a wonderful Luncheon. Thank you!

Guest Reminders

Parents and grandparents are busy! And it is always helpful to be reminded about the Luncheon!

Some Table Captains send an email reminder to virtually “introduce” their guests to each other. In addition, we encourage you to call your registered guests 1-2 days before the Luncheon.