How to Invite Guests and Fill Your Table

Who to invite?

Put together a list of people you’d like to invite. This is a fundraising event, so think about who may be interested in making a financial contribution to support the work that PEPS does.

Think of all your circles — your PEPS Group, PEPS Groups you have led, family, neighbors, co-workers, clients, colleagues,  your children’s dentist and doctor, members of your neighborhood parenting group or pre-school co-op/ daycare.

♦ TIP: If you were in or led a PEPS Group, but have lost touch with one or more members, we can provide contact information to help you reconnect — a great way to build your table! Contact for help.

When and How to invite?

It is best to start sending out invitations and getting firm commitments by January. Guest lists are due February 1.

Call, text, message, email, create an event on Facebook, or use Evite or other tools — try a combination of ways to invite your friends. Remember that most people need more than one reminder.

What to say in the invitation?

Find some examples of how to invite your guests in the Copy/Paste section. We want to make it easy!